Thursday, March 5, 2015


Somehow my sweet Kimmie Lou turned 18 years old! 
It's simply so true that time flies!  She really is still my baby.  She must be, because she can't be old enough to vote and have adult status! 
Kim has an exuberance about her that is contagious, and to know her is to love her!   She has wisdom beyond her years and would like to become a child therapist or counselor.  She has a natural ability to connect with children and animals and she's a total "people person."  Kim has had a rough road in life with all her surgeries, concussions, and headaches--but she always seems to overcome whatever challenge she meets.
Happy Birthday Kim!  We love you so much! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Year!

Lizzy, Lan Lan and I went to the Chinese Garden on a "field trip." 
And the evening commenced with red envelopes for all the kids, and lots and lots of food!  May the Year of the Goat bring you good fortune and happiness! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Days!

One of the miracles of caring for a young child is seeing the world all over again--through their eyes!  Our granddaughter is in town and we love spending time with her!  The Children's Museum was a big hit!
Lizzy and Lan Lan came too.  The blessings of homeschool and college! 
The museum had a cute circus exhibit.  I loved the concession stands -- the hotdogs and cotton candy would be fun to make for those who sew and crochet.  Adorable!
Enjoying the fun of this precious one makes the days extra special!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Evenings And Weekends At The CrazyForKids House

Our life right now--Lan Lan, Patrick, Mei Mei and Paul:
Plus Lan Lan ballet and Vu karate. 
Livin' the dream. 
We believe team sports are really good for kids and worth the sacrifice.
But is it wrong that I am looking forward to the end of basketball season?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Teenager--And Rules For A Successful Sleepover

I'm not quite sure what Hubby and I were thinking when we grew our family to include so many children, so close in age.  We will soon have FIVE teenagers in the house.  We never lack for teenage drama (as shown in my last post). 
And our Vu is now a teenager!  With a phone to prove it. 
Sidenote: he did not use his phone for several days and eventually informed us he did not know how to use such an antique phone!
But I also love the teen years!  And one great plus is that slumber parties become much easier.
Then again, I've learned a thing or two about how to have an easy-peasy slumber party.  There are a certain number of rules to follow in order to have a pain-free slumber party that just might include slumber.
  • Rule #1  Always have the party on Friday night because then you know all the kids were up bright and early and kept busy all day
  • Rule #2  Take them all swimming for 2 hours  (Rule #1 + Rule #2 = Tired Kids Guaranteed!)
  • Rule #3  Buy only caffeine-free drinks (and even then I'm tempted to add Benadryl!)
  • Rule #4  Provide lots of pizza and ice cream and junk food
  • Rule #5  Provide lots of video games
  • Rule #6  When it's time for lights-out, strategically try to have the kids somewhat separated in the bedroom or family room. You can accomplish this by moving/arranging furniture before the party (so the kids won't all be able to put their sleeping bags right together) 
  • Rule #7  Have the parents take their kids home at 9:30 the next morning
Vu would also say that Rule #8 is to invite people at the last minute (my specialty!) so they will give money as gifts.  Because teenagers like money.  He adds that one can only hope their friends do not have mothers (like his own) that have a go-to-last-minute-gift-closet of lame gifts.  Yes he said that.  And I am so glad I am teaching my son the true meaning of gift-giving and receiving!  (And for the record not all those gifts in my go-to closet are lame!)
Notice Vu's man purse?  Yes, that is a Tupperware container and yes, he packs that to the store to spend his money.  Apparently it can double as a hat!
And I have learned a new rule for taking my child to a sleepover.  Take them with nothing.  I mean nothing except the clothes on their backs.  A friend taught me this.  She says she finally learned that allowing her kids to haul a bunch of stuff to a sleepover just means they will leave a bunch of stuff behind.  As she says, "I used to pack a change of clothes and toothbrush and finally realized I was dreaming!  They never changed their clothes and never brushed their teeth, so now I just drop 'em off and pick 'em up!"  Easy-peasy!  I agree!
Happy Birthday Vu!  Your name means "the bringer of light" and it fits you perfectly!  I love your smiles, hugs, insightfulness, and kind heart.  May 13 be a great year! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Driving Drama and Trauma

Do you have teens?  Young adults? 

Do they drive?  Do you drive?

Do you have a child who will be driving soon?

Do you hang around anyone who drives, has teen drivers, pays insurance, or lives near any type of road or sidewalk?

If so, do not read this post.  I repeat.  Do not read this post. 

It contains graphic images that might be extremely disturbing.

2014 wasn't our best year for many reasons.  There were multiple types of trauma occurring in our household including:


#4  Photo not available. 

And #4 actually happened in 2013, but I'm complaining, and when I'm complaining it is fun to keep adding on.

#1 and #2 occurred 2 weeks apart.  Uh-huh. 

And while #2 may not look that bad, the door can no longer be opened from the outside.  And the window spent several weeks stuck in the "down" position.  (Did I mention we live in one of the rainiest parts of the US?)  Lucky for my kids, someone who really loves them fixed the window for free!

And yes, #1 was as bad as it looks.  You might notice the picture was taken in the junk yard.  Nuf said. 
Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt in any of the accidents!

I should also add (as long as I'm ranting) that 2014 memories included multiple flat tires, dead batteries, cars dying on the side of the freeway, and a plethora of car repairs. 
In fact, we no longer own THE LEMON.
It was cute, but it was a repair nightmare!!!

It was also the end of an era.  The Big Blue Beast was sold.  Yes, SOLD! 
To a church.  Yes, The Beast (aka The Monster, The Momster and The Shaggin' Wagon) will spend its golden years where it yearned to be from day one--as a church youth-group van! 

The church never needs to know that the van was once used by heavily perspiring football players, crazy celebrating seniors, and streaking teenagers!  Right?  Good times. 
And if we can get through 2015 without a car accident.  I will be very, very happy! 
Whose idea was it to have so many teenagers all at once?! Sheesh! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trauma And Staying In The Moment

There are several bloggers I enjoy.  One is Nancy at Ordinary Miracles.  Nancy writes about how from the outside we can all look so perfect, but in reality we are all imperfect parents with challenges we often don't want to talk about or can't, because we want to protect our child's privacy.  Her post is a great read.
I find so often I really can't share the challenges that are happening in our lives.  And we all have stuff.  But I hope I never come across as a person who has it all together and is living the perfect life.  I do try to write about the challenging parts that can be generalized and shared--but it's tricky.  Protecting privacy is such an important part of our personal life and values. 
What I can say as far as some of our recent challenges is that sometimes past trauma comes out in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times.  There can be years between trauma and the outpouring of distress and emotion that is intertwined with it.  Memories can come flooding back--and once the cork is out, it can be hard to get back in!  Finding an excellent trauma counselor was imperative; I feel incredibly grateful for ours. 
Personally, I found one of my greatest obstacles was fear--especially when I started looking into the future and imagining all the terrible things that could happen!  As I wrote in a previous post, I had to learn to let go of my fear and, instead, trust--again and again.  And again.
One of my best tools was forcing myself to stay in the moment.  See the positives.  See the joy.  See God.  Get through that day, that hour.  Truly trust that God is ultimately in control and all I can do is keep smiling, keep loving, keep finding resources, keep supporting those around me--keep on keeping on.
It gave me great joy to have so many family members together at Thanksgiving

I'll have more posts coming up around trauma, including sharing some of the resources I found most helpful.  I also think I'm ready to delve into some of the trauma that surrounded the loss of our son in 2007.  It's always bits and pieces for me--because of the importance of also staying in the moment in order to celebrate life!