Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kim needs glasses???

I just found out my daughter Kim needs glasses. She looks adorable in them and she is THRILLED to get glasses. When we picked out her frames she didn't want the "normal" little girl glasses, she wanted big girl glasses with some "bling-bling"! The lady helping us asked her if she had an older sister or if she was just very into the latest styles? Her new glasses are blue frames with fake diamonds on the sides. The girl has some style alright!
On the drive home from the eye doctor I was sitting there perplexed as to why Kim needs glasses. I mean, I don't wear glasses, neither does my husband. For that matter, neither do any of Kim's siblings. I was just thinking that it is strange because glasses seem to be genetic. After pondering it a little more it came to me. Duh! Kim is adopted! What can I say??? I forget!!
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Nicole said...

Beautiful kids. James had fun looking at his cousins this morning. He wants Sam to come to his birthday party in Feboooary. :-)