Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Life Lessons From McDonald's

I worked at McDonald's in high school. Ugh! It was the worst job I ever had. Maybe it was just because I had started out working at A&W as a carhop which was a FUN job. (No rollerskates folks, sorry.) So, anyway, even though I didn't like working at McDonald's I have to say I did learn a thing or two. Like, that I wanted to make sure I went to college :-)
Seriously tho, because McDonald's is such a big corporation, they had lots of ideas on how to do things better and faster and how to make the best impression with the customer. We were to keep the parking lot clean before cleaning the entryway windows. We were to keep the bathrooms clean over mopping the restaurant floor. The list went on and on.
Okay, so what does this have to do with my life now? Well, I have this little list of four things that I try to keep done in order to help me feel that everything is under control in my house.
Here they are: Keep the entryway clean, keep the bathrooms clean, keep the dishes done, keep the laundry up. If I can just keep those four things done, the rest of my house and life can be chaos but somehow I feel a strange sense of being in control. Especially if I know I don't have to make dinner because we're going to McDonald's!

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tncornett said...

This is great advice - 4 things that I can concentrate on and feel some control. I need that. I think I'll go and do some laundry right now :-)