Friday, February 16, 2007

Biopsy Results

This feels like the longest day of my life. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that our son does have Hodgkin's Lymphoma. (What a dichotomy! Can it really be good news to have cancer???) The reason this is good is because his doctors feared that perhaps he had been misdiagnosed and actually had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is much less treatable or curable. Doctors now believe the Hodgkin's he has is much more aggressive than they originally believed it to be.
The bad news is, in order to live and have the possibility for a cure, he will have to have a stem cell transplant. This is similar to a bone marrow transplant but the stem cells come from the blood as opposed to the bone marrow.
Our son will begin with very strong chemo on Monday. He will be in the hospital for several days. They will try to rid his body of as much cancer as possible before they do the stem cell transplant. The transplant will occur in a few weeks.
I'm scared for him, for his life. I'm sad to know he will have to endure yet more suffering. Yet, I am also filled with hope that he CAN be cured. Whatever lies ahead, I will trust.

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asiantreasures said...

Oh, please know that we WILL be praying...for your son as he undergoes this set of treatments, for you as his mom.
I LOVE the last line of your entry---"I WILL TRUST." It's not an easy thing to do in situations like the one you are facing, but God is worthy of our trust. He's give the comfort & peace that you all need through each step of this journey!
Sheri, David, Micah & Noah--in VietNam (Holt)