Monday, February 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim!!

My baby girl is 10!! Double digits! We spent the weekend having her first big slumber party including ice skating and make-overs. The girls loved putting on fake nails and then realized over and over how difficult it is to do things like unzip a sleeping bag :-)
Today is her actual birthday so I plan to make a school delivery of balloons and ice cream and also her lunch request, a Nacho Supreme from Taco Bell. Tonight she will open her presents from us and will finally get her long awaited Heeley's (shoes that convert into skates). She will be a very excited little girl!
Along with the excitement though, I always think of her birth mother, especially on her birthday. I know this must be a bittersweet day for her and I wish she could know how happy and healthy Kim is. She was relinquished when she was 4 days old, very sick with jaundice and having difficulty eating with her cleft lip and palate. Oh, if she could just see her now! She is a stunning beauty with a personality to match. Her Korean name means "brilliant" and "intelligent". She is all that and so much more (proud mama talking here).

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