Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

I can't believe my sweet little girl is 14! She will be driving in a year! It seems like she was just born. I remember that day so well. What a shock!
We were all prepared for boy number four. When we had our ultrasound, we said we didn't want to know the gender but then the technician basically told us it was another boy! So, we had everything ready to go for a boy including a little baseball outfit to bring him home, a blue blanket and even a little baseball hat. The one thing we didn't have was a name but we were fairly set on Jacob.
Scheduled C-section, great doctor in an small Air Force Base hospital where I knew all the staff from my years as a Lactation Consultant. It always helps to be in with the nurses!
Part of our plan was for Eric to tell me the sex of the baby, so out comes the baby, the doctor holds "him" up and Eric just stands there speechless and FINALLY says, "Something's missing!" The way he was smiling I knew it wasn't an arm or a leg! I was so shocked! A girl? What's a girl?? We have it on video and they hand me Lizzy and I actually check to make sure she really is a girl. She was! And a big girl at a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces! (At that point, I was GLAD I'd had a C-section.)
What would I do without my sweet Lizzy? She is a wonderful daughter! She helps us soooo much with babysitting and chores. She and I love to just hang out together doing scrapbooks or watching a movie. She is a good friend. She is a WONDERFUL daughter.
(And yes, I am one day late on her birthday blog because, well, life's just been a bit crazy lately. It's almost midnight so I'd better post this quick or I'll be TWO days late :-)

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