Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hope, the Holt Campout and Parents

Crazy, busy weekend.
Brief thoughts:
Joe is sick. Just feels generally lousy with a bad taste in his mouth. Yet, he tells me he is fine. The good thing--his kidney pressure is much relieved so his back pain is much better. Chemo works quickly. Ravages quickly too. I know someday we will look at chemo the way we look at how they used to bleed people.
Hope. I must live for the hope we have today and not look into the future. Too scary. Someone gave me a lot of hope when she said that if Joe can live another year, doctors will have many, many more treatments for cancer in that time. If he can live four years, even more. Now THAT's hope!!

On a happier subject, tomorrow is Lizzy's 14th birthday. She spent the afternoon at the mall with three friends from the Holt campout. If you haven't been to a Holt campout and you are an adoptive family, you have to go! Our kids have some of their best, life friends from the campout. WONDERFUL!

Everyone deserves to have parents like me. I was feeling overwhelmed with the "to do" list so mom and dad met me at the mall and helped me do some much needed clothes shopping for Kim and Paul. Kim has outgrown every single pair of pants we bought at the beginning of the school year. AND mom made dinner for us. Dad was the entertainment committee for Patrick. I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!

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Christina said...

A woman at church who has been gone for many months, dealing with her fight with cancer just finished chemo and I saw her this Sunday - she looked wonderful. She was a good reminder to me that many people can fight and WIN against cancer.
My daughters are both growing out of all their pants too! Must be the time of year or something, but it sure seemed to come out of nowhere.