Thursday, February 15, 2007

How I Reduce Stress With Things I Love

1.) Read my Bible.
2.) Read in general. I love to read and actually, I am obsessed with reading. I read pretty much anything and everything from the back of the cereal box to that insert they put in the Tampax box about Toxic Shock--yes, it's absurd. I love books that help me see the world in a new light and finding an author that uses metaphors and similes in new, creative ways. I loved The Poisonwood Bible for those reasons.
3.) Take a 10 minute catnap. That helps as much as a two hour nap.
4.) Journal. I write in my own or one of my children's. And now I blog :-)
5.) I e-mail. I love to e-mail, maybe because it fulfills my need to write. I'm NOT a phone person and in fact, I actually think I have some sort of phone phobia. I hate making important phone calls the most--I'd much rather do it in person.
6.) Drink coffee. Yes, folks, what they say about Pacific NW people is true. We LOVE our coffee!
7.) Exercise. It's great--when I do it. I am a walker and a treadmill-er. I have also been known to use my stairs as a stairclimber and I read at the same time. See? I am obsessed.
8.) Spend time laughing with friends and family. I love taking my kids to the park and just watching them play. I never get over the fact that I am the luckiest mom in the whole world.
9.) Eat chocolate. Dark chocolate. Or chocolate chip cookies. Yum!
10.) Knit. I have just started to knit again. I love it!
11.) Watch a great movie. I like everything. Well, not horror or bloody violence.
12.) Drink a Green Monster Shake. It is basically a berry and banana smoothie with LOTS of green leafy lettuce/spinach added. Add 1 T. flaxseed oil and 1/2 tsp. spirulina/seaweed. Blend very well. It's wonderful. I drink a big one of these every day. It looks gross and tastes great.

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