Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why I Love Dora the Explorer

Many wonder how I find time to write. It's all thanks to Dora the Explorer! I am strict about TV viewing, but a couple times a week I will let my little ones watch Dora while I write. I also write before they get up in the morning or sometimes, in the middle of the night.
Today, I was thinking about how our adoption/family blog has morphed into a "Our Son Has Cancer" blog and I just don't want that to happen. Our family is about so much more than cancer. I will keep everyone abreast of what is happening with Joe but also want to keep our blog about everything else.
First, about Joe. (Wait a minute, what was that I just said?) I know, I know, but it's still at the forefront of all my thoughts. He is home from the hospital and doing okay. He is still in a lot of kidney pain from the tumors and we hope the chemo works quickly to remove the pressure. He is also exhausted but medication is helping keep his nausea in check. He remains in good spirits. His next round of chemo and hospitalization will occur in about two weeks.
An update of our adoption process. Eric and I discussed everything and decided that of course we want to proceed as planned with our adoption! In our minds, our child is already part of our family. To delay the blessed event would only make Joe's cancer more devastating. We expect Joe to live through this. He is a fighter with a strong will to live. His treatments will be a difficult time but even if we were matched with our child today, it will be at least six months before we can travel. By that time, Joe will be better :-)
Well, Dora is over so this blog is complete!


Christina said...

It's hard when one child has a big "issue" ... it feels like there isn't enough Mom to go around. But it sounds like you are doing a good job finding the balance... and a little Dora never hurt anyone! :-)

tncornett said...

Go Dora! I am the same way. I love HigglyTown Heroes - when are they going to come out with a HigglyTown Heroes movie anyhow?

I love reading your blog so it's fun to see when you have updated it. I continue to blog on mine and have gotten quite a few hits recently. Anyhow, hang in there. I keep praying...