Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Experiencing The Worst . . . And The Best

We spent the last two days in Eugene, with our son who is undergoing cancer treatment. True to form, Joe is sick but his spirit is strong! He is full of wit and humor. He loved recounting the story of attempting to go for a walk with his dog, Wicket. Wicket is an adorable Shitzu puppy. Wicket had a leg amputated shortly after birth due to a birth defect. Joe was laughing so hard about how he can't even keep up with a three-legged dog. We couldn't help but laugh along with him.

While we were down in Eugene, we went to visit the Holt Headquarters. We had never been there before. It was wonderful to see the famous words of Harry Holt inscribed on the entrance, "Every child deserves a home of his own." We also got to meet Robin, coordinator for the Vietnam program. It was a wonderful treat to finally put a face with a voice. She is such a warm woman.

There was a time when I wondered why God would time us to begin our adoption when He knew Joe's cancer was coming back. I know without a doubt this adoption is due to God's hand. The timing did seem strange. But, I no longer wonder. Our adoption fills us with hope. It is the best thing happening in a time of the worst.

I was at Target putting together a basket of goodies to take up to the hospital for Joe. I was downhearted, knowing the suffering he is having to endure. But then, I came upon the most adorable little Easter bunny socks. I knew they were perfect for Anna and happily stuck those in the cart too. (I really feel like our child will be a girl - Anna.) Therein lies the perfect example. Our anguish is lifted with hope. And really, just having all our little (and big) ones around brings us constant hope and happiness. How can one not be when one is surrounded by so many smiling faces?

We may be experiencing one of the worst experiences life can bring - but we are also experiencing one of the best. God's timing is always perfect.

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