Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Patrick!

My baby is FIVE! I asked him if he felt any older and he paused, in his analytical way, and then said very seriously, that he now feels twelve. That's Patrick for you!

I call Patrick my MORE boy. He is MORE of everything! He is just the smartest, most lovable, funniest little boy in the whole wide world. His vocabulary is amazing and he says things that just make us look at him in wonder if we might have a future president on our hands.

But he is also "more" in other ways. He is more stubborn, more strong-willed and more active than any child we have ever parented (or ever hope to again :-) Oh, but it's his birthday, so we will stick to his positive traits!

It's fun to be five! Everything is exciting! We went to the mall! (I don't like to shop and I don't like malls but Eric says I have habits that are more expensive than shopping - such as having lots of children.) Anyhoo, I took Patrick to the mall and we went to the Lego store. Patrick LOVES Legos. He has wanted this three-headed dragon thing for months so that was our big purchase of the day. Then, we went out to lunch with Daddy and this afternoon we went to Will's first baseball game of the season. I think I saw a little bit of the game in between looking for microscopic Legos that kept falling into the gravel. If we ever get the thing finished, I wonder how many pieces will be missing? Ah, the life of being #7.

Tonight, Patrick opened his gifts. It's fun to watch five year olds open gifts! They absolutely LOVE every little thing! One thing he got was a bike helmet and he was just so happy to have a new bike helmet! Oh, if we could all just be so excited about things like bike helmets our whole lives!

We had a wonderful dinner some friends brought over and we had the cutest cake that Eric made with a dinosaur on it. Eric is the cake baker and cake decorator in our family. (I will try to post a picture of the cake - which means I will have Lizzy do it since I don't know how.) Tomorrow we will celebrate Patrick's birthday with a few of his little friends. Oh, to be five!

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