Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I Could Be A Millionaire

In my speech class I did my last speech on self-made millionaires. We had to do an informative speech on a culture of which we are not a member of. I'm sorry to tell all of you, but I am not a member of The Millionaire's Club.

I was on my way to becoming a member when at the age of 19 I decided to have my first baby and Eric joined the Army. Did you know you don't get rich in the Army? Then, I went on to have 3 more children in the next 9 years. That, also, is not a key to financial freedom. Then, Eric got hired at Intel and in a few years stock was at an all time high! My chances were improving! Then, the stock market crashed and stock sunk (and stunk)--and it still does. We also added four more children (counting the one we are adding now), three through international adoption - not necessarily the most economical way of adding children to the family :-)

Having a lot of children is not very economical. Really. We have actually had months where our food bill is higher than our mortgage. Seriously. And we live in an area where it takes at least $100,000 just to buy the LOT the house sits on- thusly, our mortgage is not a tiny one.

Anyhoo, just for fun, when I wrote my self-evaluation for my speech class, I decided at the last minute to write a little poem as a creative endeavor for the day. (Yes, I'm still stuck in third grade and think poems need to rhyme. Also, for some crazy reason my blog will not let me put space in between the stanzas-sorry. Guess it looks even more like it was written by a third grader!)

I could be a millionaire,
Have an estate for my lair,
Wear fancy clothing everyday,
Always be able to get my way.
I'd have a Starbucks every morn,
Drive my car with a two-tone horn,
I'd have a maid, a butler and cook,
Spend my time reading bestseller books.
Instead I have a million kids,
Wash dishes, clothes and sippy-lids,
Wear jeans and t-shirts everyday,
Argue with teens to get my way.
I go to the park every morn,
Drive my beast with the broken horn,
I am the maid, the butler, the cook,
I spend my time hearing, "Look Mom, look!"
I'll never be rich in terms of dollars
I'd rather be rich in terms of hollers,
Though fancy vacations are a thing of the past,
hearing, "I love you Mommy!" will always last...
We're off to the Children's Museum today! One big plus to a big family, we definitely get our money's worth out of memberships - to the Children's Museum if not the Millionaire's Club!

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