Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mommy, Do You Ever Get Bored?

"Mommy, do you ever get bored?" Kim innocently asked me today. Bored? Bored???
The irony of her question is that it occurred exactly one hour after returning from the emergency room where she had to have a CT scan.

It all started yesterday when I picked up the kids from school.

Kim gets in the car and tells me she got hit in the head and feels woozy and her vision is blurry. My mom radar goes off as I get details of what happened. Just a simple hit in the head during a game of tether ball. Hmmmm. Now, I'm usually very laid-back about illnesses and injuries, but the vision thing bothered me. A lot. So, here I am with eight children, ages ten and under (between my own and my daycare kids) wondering how it would look to go directly to the emergency room with all eight.

Gathering my wits, my initial panic passes, I get our doctor's last appt. of the day and hubby comes home early. Our doctor checks her out and thinks she will be okay even tho her vision is quite off. Our doctor goes on to tell me however, that if she starts to throw-up I should be concerned.

In the middle of the night, Kim wakes up and thinks she is going to throw-up. But she doesn't. Now, I am getting very concerned! Then, she says she feels fine and goes back to bed. I'm second guessing everything and wondering if feeling like you're going to throw-up counts as throwing up??? I put her in bed with me and watch her just like I used to watch my newborns after I'd read some horribly scary statistics on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I was up the rest of the night watching over her.

So, today we got a CT scan and she is fine other than having what the doctor termed, in highly-educated medical jargon, "One heck of a good concussion!"

My husband calls and asks how everything is going and I tell him that maybe having 40 thousand kids is a few too many. (It's a joke between my husband and me. I have always been the one to initiate the discussion of having/adopting another baby, so in times of stress I always ask him why HE wanted so many kids??? Our number of children has risen over the years, in hyperbolical fashion, from 18 to 40 to 18 thousand. I guess with the addition of Anna I will have to raise it to 40 thousand.)

So, does Mommy get bored? No, Honey, Mommy does not get bored. Mommy's too busy taking care of her 18 thousand kids.

(As an update on kid number 2, he is nauseous every minute of every day but in typical Joe fashion he tells me not to worry and that he is okay. The good news is, his kidney pressure is gone and he is able to eat with the help of a medication.)

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Christina said...

oh my goodness... never a dull moment when you have 18 thousand kids! LOL. SO glad your daughter is okay, um, except for the concussion. Also glad son's kidney pressure is gone. Just tell him that when he gets married and his wife is experiencing all-day morning sickness he can tell her he really truly understands how she feels. ;-}