Saturday, April 7, 2007

Another Brother From Another Other, Other Mother

First, to report on brother number 2. Joe tolerated the chemo well. He now looks like he has cancer, not because he is thin, but because he is very chubby - that round face many chemo patients get due to the steroids and other meds. He is also completely bald now. But, he is still in good spirits and I have come home with a great, great feeling that he is going to be okay.

We talked about how he was always the healthiest child in the world. He never, never got sick. I always said scientists should study him! Well, when we were talking about this, we realized that even though they will completely kill his immune system with chemo during the stem cell procedure, he will get a new immune system but it will be produced by his own stem cells which have always been amazingly strong!!! I just feel a sense of peace that he is going to make it through all of this. He is going to be okay.

Thank you to everyone for your blessed prayers! Keep praying! His stem cell has been pushed out another three weeks and he will have one more round of chemo before then. They are hoping for financial help from the hospital for the procedure. Pray for that too :-)

Now for talk of other brothers:

Kim has this funny saying when talking to her brothers. She will tell Paul he is "A brother from another mother," and then tell Patrick he is "Her other brother from another, other mother." They will all laugh then and I have to smile too.

Well, we are back to thinking about adopting a boy instead of a girl. Last night I asked her if she would like "another brother from another other, other mother." She smiled and said, "Yes!!!"

We were looking on the Holt website and saw yet another little boy put on the Waiting Child listing. He is healthy but he has not been matched with a family simply because he is an older boy. This little boy is five. We would like a child between the ages of 3 and 7. There is another little boy on there who is also very healthy, he is seven and has been waiting for a family since he was 6 months old, through the Vietnam shutdown, the reopening, and he is still waiting. My heart just goes out to these little ones! I love little boys just as much as little girls!

Okay, so here's the weird thing. I have been really, really praying about this issue and I have had two very, very vivid dreams about adopting a little boy. Last night I dreamed we adopted two brothers!!! I do believe that sometimes God gives us answers through our dreams.

So, this weekend, we are contemplating once again, calling Holt on Monday and saying, "We would love to have another brother from another other, other mother!" Stay tuned . . .

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