Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anticipation Is Making Me Wait - (sing this)

The anticipation grows- wondering just who this little person will be! Wondering who God has in store for us. I'm caught between loving a little one who is a waiting child who I can see being a wonderful part of our family and the knowledge that God may have a different child for us - one He knows has been the one for our family all along. I continue to pray and trust those at Holt who will pray over this issue, pray over the children's referrals that will be given to them, and know, without a doubt, which child is meant to be ours.

I also pray that WE will be open to the child we are referred. I mean, weird things go through my mind, like, what if they match us with a 17 year old? Eric worries they will match us with a sibling group of six! :-)

I spent last week doing all the things that need to be done in order for me to be free to work on our dossier (adoption paperwork we will do once we receive a referral). Things like taxes (just under the deadline folks!) desk work, errands etc.

On the other hand, lots of things could happen and I could be getting all excited for nothing. That can all be part of the world of adoption! I don't want to set myself up for disappointment for we could still wait a long time to find out who our child is. Can you tell my emotions today are here and there and everywhere???

One thing I have done to prepare for this adoption is lots of reading. Here are my favorites:

Attaching in Adoption: Deborah Gray
Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft: Mary Hopkins-Best
The Waiting Child: Cindy Champella

A book that looks intriguing that I haven't yet read is Connecting With Kids Through Stories: Using Narratives To Facilitate Attachment in Adopted Children by Lacher, Nichols and May.

Thinking of telling our child stories reminds me that once we get our dossier sent off, I plan to step up our plans to learn to speak Vietnamese. I hope I am more successful with Vietnamese than I have been with other languages! I think the Latin-based languages are hard enough!

Perhaps the next time I blog it will be to introduce our very much anticipated, to be very, very loved, little person! I can't wait!

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