Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best Friends For Life

The last two days were a lot of fun. I had my three sisters here for a surprise birthday party. It was sister A's 40th birthday. Part of the surprise was having all the sisters together. We all live in different parts of the country so it is very special when we are together.

Friday night we stayed up late sharing stories and laughing about everything from the time we drove our parent's car (we didn't have a driver's license) to how we felt about the Duggar family on TV. We all agreed we would like to at least see one episode where one of their 16 kids throws a world class nuclear meltdown! It's got to happen sometimes!!

I let my two daughers (10 and 14) stay up to hear all the fun stories and as I was tucking them into the hide-a-bed late that night I realized that someday they would be the ones staying up late, eating junkfood and laughing about the past. They will be the ones sharing stories from their childhood, celebrating a 40th birthday. I reminded my daughters that a sibling is the greatest gift a parent can give a child; a gift for life. I reminded them that this is why it is so important to love each other now, to make good memories, to be each others' best friend right now - because now turns into forever. And my girls are very close, I do see them always being best friends, just like I am with my three sisters, but it never hurts to remind them.

There was a time when I wondered if it was fair to the children we already had to add another baby to the family. This was back when we only had three children. Around the time we added child #5 I realized the greatest gift I could give my kids was another sibling. True, each child didn't receive as much individual attention from me, but they made up for it and a whole lot more with the interactions they had with each other!

With our youngest, I actually began to feel sorry that my older boys did not get all the attention and love from older siblings that he received. It's amazing he even learned how to walk as much as he was held!

There is always someone to play with in a big family. There is always someone to cuddle with at night, and always someone to help you with your homework. Interestingly enough, our younger children almost never fight and rarely need disciplined (though I do still get the joy of an occasional nuclear meltdown). So, maybe the Duggar's really are for real! Maybe by the time we add our 16th child, there really will be so much love and harmony that our children will never even throw a fit! (Just kidding Honey, I really don't want 16 kids! I think that would be just a few too many, even for me! :-)

But, I can't wait to add #8. He (she?) will be surrounded by so much love . . . and seven best friends - for life!

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Christina said...

I was just thinking about this on our CA trip... how great it is with 4 kids, that each kid always has someone to play with and there's always a helping hand with the little ones. I'm the youngest of four and I love getting together with my siblings...we're all very different but we share so much history. I really think we had more fun because there was 4 of us. :-)