Thursday, April 5, 2007

Joe Needs Prayers

Today we are off to visit Joe in the hospital. We will spend the next couple of days down there, spending the night with my SIL. This will be his last round of chemo before the stem cell transplant, which will occur in about three weeks.

Please pray for Joe. He was very downhearted last night, which is unlike him. He is dreading the chemo and said he is tired of feeling sick all the time. He has also lost all of his hair and that was one thing he was really hoping would not happen this time.

Please also pray for Joe's walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is far from God right now. He was raised Christian but started wavering in his faith in high school and having cancer has actually distanced him further. Pray God will put people in his life who will help him see The Truth. Pray he will feel God's presence all around him. Pray for him to have powerful dreams which will bring him back to the Lord.

I know many people are praying for Joe and that comforts my heart more than anything in the world. Family, friends and FAITH, I do not know how people get through life without those three blessings.

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