Thursday, April 12, 2007

Names For Boys

All these random thoughts keep going through my mind. Now that we have made our decision regarding a boy, we're looking at some boys on the WC listing, and knowing Robin will come home with some referrals (maybe the one God has chosen for us?). This all brings the reality of our nearing adoption to the forefront of my mind.

When the wait began to get longer than anticipated I decided it just wasn't going to happen until at least summer. When I would think about it, I would just try to put it out of my mind. That's really impossible of course, but I did try.

Now, I know it is close. Now, I feel incredible excitement. The possibility of a boy also brings a new excitement. How will we arrange the bedroom? What will I need to buy? What will we name him? There's a BIG question.

I know we will keep his Vietnamese name as some part of his name. We will also incorporate a famous baseball player's name somewhere, and a biblical name too. All five of our sons have two middle names. That's a lot of boy names!! So far, our boys have been named after: Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Alex Rodriguez, and Lou Gehrig. It's a fun tradition. Can you tell we like baseball in our family???

If you have any favorite boy names you would like to suggest, leave a comment!

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