Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekend Adventure

I have had a very productive weekend. I have:

1. Cleaned the ENTIRE house.
2. Powerwashed and revarnished the deck.
3. Made new curtains for the familyroom.
4. Painted the girls' bedroom a beautiful shade of blue.
5. Knitted a scarf for my mom's birthday, which is tomorrow.
6. Purchased new Easter clothing for the entire family - shoes too, of course!
7. Gave the dog a complete bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and brushing.
8. Tricked you, at least for a bit, that I actually accomplished anything at all this weekend. The only thing I actually did was paint the girls' room so April Fools!! Oh, and the girls' room was going to be blue and then, at the last minute, I decided a most beautiful shade of pale pink would look wonderful and so it is pink. Unfortunately, it is not a most beautiful pale pink. It is Pepto-Bismol pink! I HATE picking paint off those 1" swatches! And that is not an April Fools!!! My only solace is that I think Anna is going to love having a room that is Pepto-Bismol pink!

1 comment:

Christina said...

you totally got me - I was sitting here thinking, "wow, how does she do all that?!" But even getting a room painted is a big accomplishment. I hate picking colors from a swatch too. We've painted one room 3 times and another room twice just to get the right color. I bet the pink will look better in the sunlight and with some pictures up though. :-)