Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Surreal. That is the word to describe this week. Surreal. Surreal because we have waited so, so long to be matched with our child and now we are getting so close! (We have been talking about another adoption for the last seven YEARS - so when I say long, I mean long!)

After talking about the boy vs. girl issue over the weekend we decided that what we really want is just another child to love and enjoy. We love being parents. We love little girls and we love little boys.

So, I called Robin on Monday and told her how these long months of waiting have helped us to see the plight of older boys. When I told her we had decided to be as open to a boy as a girl I almost cried - and so did she. We were both so happy! It was emotional!

We also spoke about a couple of the little boys who are waiting. We will speak more about that when Robin returns. Then again, maybe Robin will bring back the referral for the child God has had picked out for us all this time.

I am so excited as we near the time of "meeting" our child!

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