Sunday, May 13, 2007


One of the best things about being a mom is all the laughs. We love to act silly in our family, to dance crazy, tell jokes and LAUGH.

Here are some of the funnies I remember this year:

When asked how many siblings he has, Will said six . . . and one on backorder.

Lizzy coined a new favorite phrase--"I'm all that! . . . And a roll of toilet paper!"

When James heard I started a blog he looked at me in disbelief and said, "My mom has a blog??? The woman who was the last person on the planet to get a cell phone and to get rid of dial-up Internet!!"

I was getting upset one day when all of a sudden Kim looked at me, gave me a big grin, put her fingers in her ears, squatted down and shouted, "She's gonna blow!!!"

I was talking to Paul about his talents. He agreed with me that he is talented in many areas. Reading, math and music. And then he looked at me excitedly and said, "I'm also really good at holding my pee!" (When I asked him about it he said his reading teacher won't let him go to the bathroom during reading so he has learned to hold it.)

I can't just pick one for Patrick. He is a laugh a minute. Here's three of my favorites.

We have a bit of an ant problem in the kitchen right now. One day Patrick was gleefully terrorizing the ants and stomping them with his feet. Kim reprimanded him telling him those were little living creatures and they had feelings and deserved respect. Patrick looked at her like she had NOOO CLUE and informed her with, "What? I'm just helping them get to heaven!"

Eric was cutting up some meat for his homemade jerky. He was explaining to Patrick the difference between "thick" and "thin." Patrick was silent for a moment, then looked at his daddy and in a very serious voice said, "You're thick, right Daddy?"

Patrick was upset because he had lost a game of checkers to Paul. I was making dinner and gave him a little lecture on the importance of having good sportsmanship. He listened intently and a few moments later told me I absolutely HAD to play him a game as he was CERTAIN he would win. I looked at the table. I had to agree. He had given himself a full board of checkers. On my side . . . he had placed only three!

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LaLa said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful time with your kids! Happy Late Mother's Day.