Wednesday, May 2, 2007


First off, no news to tell you on our adoption. We continue to wait . . . . We had originally thought Holt staff would bring the referrals back in hand but they have to wait for them to come from Vietnam. Where is that Fed-Ex???? The waiting game is never easy.

So, I got the book and it is powerful. Beyond powerful. I think everyone should read it.

90 Minutes in Heaven is the story of a minister who has been to heaven - and back. He was dead for 90 minutes after a car accident. The fact that he lived is a miracle. The fact he came to share his glimpse of heaven is an even greater one.

I know many people have heard life after death accounts. Some believe, some don't. The author himself says he finds many of these accounts to be questionable. After reading his book, I believe his account 100%. He actually has been reluctant in sharing his memories of heaven, at first because he felt people would think he was crazy; later because he simply didn't want the attention it brought him. And it's painful for him to talk about heaven. He loves his life here on earth and has a wonderful family, friends and congregation, but his greatest desire is to return to heaven. He misses it that much. It was that good.

One thing is true. Heaven is heavenly. I always believed it, but Piper's account gives even more depth and light to the subject. His description makes me look forward to heaven even more.

After reading the book I have an even greater sense of peace that when loved ones die, they truly are in a better place. When I think about Mark I know it. And as Joe continues on with his cancer treatments I can't help but come eye to eye with the fact that we just don't know what the future holds for him. Hopefully he will have the stem cell (pushed back another three weeks while they try a new chemo they hope will be more effective on his cancer), be cured, and go on to be the wise-cracking firecracker he has always been.

But what's really, really, possible is that Joe is going to be in heaven before me. (I have a whole blog I will write about what it's like to be a mom and know that.) I hope that doesn't happen for a long time because I love him so much and can't imagine life without him. But when I think about heaven, it would only be for selfish reasons that I wouldn't want my son to be there before me- or anyone I love for that matter.

Heaven is perfect peace, happiness, love and acceptance, music, joy, light, brilliance and more, all at once. And being in heaven means being with God, forever. And being with those loved ones who have gone before us. Why wouldn't I want that for Joe, for Mark and for all those I love? Yes, I would miss them during my years on earth, but that is such a short time compared to ETERNITY.

Good things come to those who BELIEVE.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16.

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