Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

We had a weekend full of lots of driving. First we went to my parent's cabin (when I say "my parents" I am referring to my mom and step-dad but he's been my step-dad since I was 10 so I call him dad and he is!). Then we went to my other dad's cabin (bio dad is also "Dad" and he is also very special to me). It was his 70th birthday party! There was a party with 80 people including my step-brothers, step-sister and a bio-sister. It was fun for the five of us to be together for the first time in 20 years! We were only missing one other sister - we missed you Texas!! (I also have another sister, Nicole, born when I was twelve to my mom and step-dad. My first baby! You'll always be my baby sister Nicole! :-)

Now that you are completely confused about my modern day family, let me tell you there are wonderful things about spending 16 hours in a car on Memorial Day weekend. We got lots of time to talk, figure out the summer calendar and figure out some answers to where we wanted to go in our plans to adopt a waiting child. More on that in a future post-sorry to keep you all in suspense. I don't like suspense but that's really all I can say right now . . .

Anyway, between all the driving we caught lots of fish, roasted marshmallows, and I started reading the second Harry Potter book. Last year, I made this promise to Lizzy that I would read all the books before the seventh came out and we would go to the local bookstore which has a midnight party to release the new book. Lizzy is a FREAK about H.P. (At 14 she would be embarrassed to admit this.) She is most definitely a H.P.L. I always tell her she is going to name her first child either Harry or Hermione! Anyhoo, I have a lot of reading to do the next seven weeks! Yikes!

I wanted to update everyone as to Joe's progress. He is now in his final weeks before the stem cell. He is actually doing better now than he was a few weeks ago. He was more energetic and robust looking than he has been in a long time. The new chemo is working wonders. True to form he is upbeat, ready to get the transplant over and done with so then he can just get better. That sounds so wonderful. Let me say it again, so he can GET BETTER. Transplant is expected around mid-June. True to form, he was funny, funny, funny. He also suggested what our new son's 'famous baseball player's name' should be. (I'll reveal it when we decide what the Americanized name will be to go with it.) He was bummed to miss the new "Pirates" movie tho- more to look forward to once he builds up his immune system. Somehow, I continue to have a sense of peace about it all and have faith that God will continue to carry him through anything and everything that happens.

I'm thinking of all our soldiers and veteran's today. THANK YOU! We truly are the land of the free because of the brave.

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