Friday, May 4, 2007

The Waiting Game

So, word on the adoption. It's not going to happen this week. And probably not next week either. I was told today the referrals haven't even been sent yet from Vietnam! Holt hopes to receive them next week.

I know Holt expected to have these this week so they are as surprised as we are. So goes the world of adoption. It is an emotional roller-coaster ride, an incredible exercise in patience and a chance to get really good at The Guessing Game - all at once. Although I am not surprised at the delay, I have to admit, I am disappointed. I really thought we would get to meet our little one today :-(

This morning, I made sure I put the phones in the house where I would be able to find them when they rang. Finding a working phone is quite impossible at times as we have two teenagers who seem to think I will be able to find an almost dead phone under a pile of laundry in their rooms. Then too, I am as guilty as they are. Once I actually left the phone IN the fridge! I have also left the phone in the car (not talking cell phone here), in the garage, on the porch swing and outside on the BBQ grill. And I'm not a phone talker!!! Just a multi-tasker who has no brain! And phones aren't the only thing I lose although to date I have never lost a child. At least, not for long. I admit it, I'm an airhead! Don't pass that on to our social worker. I mean, technically, we ARE getting very close to receiving our referral! And I want the referral of a child, not a referral to a shrink specializing in memory loss!

Anyhoo, I also made sure I charged my cell phone and leached it onto my body. I just KNEW we were going to hear this morning!

Eric called me about 10 to see if I'd heard anything. In an optimistic way (not) he declared that if we hadn't heard yet, we were not going to hear anything today! Then, I spent an hour toying with the idea of calling our social worker. It's like this voice goes in your head saying, "I really want to know something. I can't go all weekend without knowing something." Followed by, "Oh, but I hate to be one of those parents. The kind that drive their SW crazy with phone calls and e-mails."

Finally, I could stand it no longer and was able to discover the delay.

And so, we wait.

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Christina said...

oh that's frustrating. I'm sorry, I know the waiting is so hard. I hope you get good news early next week.