Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello! :]

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers as well. Lizzy's back! Only for once it's not with pictures.

My mother is beginning to make me proud. She's getting her blogging down to under one hour...most of the time. Haha. Though I do completely understand why she finds it so fun to blog! You can type completely random things and everyone reads it.

Okay, this blog isn't actually going to be pointless. Actually I suppose it depends on what you consider pointless. I do have permission to do this, but I had to wait until my mom went to sleep to have it be a surprise. However, I have decided to tell you all how the steps of my mothers blogging go.

1-The blog is typed out (Obviously she must start somewhere!)

2-The author(My mother) generally asks some random question. Today's was 'What's that scientific word for when two things combine and can't be separated?'.

3-The blog goes under construction. (Editing time)

4-More random questions are inquired. (The one on my mind is- do you capitilize redneck?)

5-The blog tends to end up nothing like it originally was.

She has done something to make me proud though. She figured out how to print off pictures with more than one on a sheet- ex: 2 4x4's. It's a small step, but baby steps eventually lead to great strides.

Well this blog could go two ways. One, it could be read as entirely pointless, or two, it could be read as a genious blog. Up to you. :]

Thank you and Good night!


Anonymous said...

I so thrilled about your match to Vu. It was good to see the picture on the piano. I am so happy you are keeping the blog so I can keep up on the "happenings" around the adoption. You are a truly blessed family.

Kelly A.

Ann said...

Lizzy gave me the laugh of the day with this post! Fellow bloggers watch out for your teenage children! You never know what they will blog on YOUR site!!! LOL!