Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today, we are meeting the parents of James' girlfriend. I am wondering if this means it is getting "serious"? We LOVE, LOVE Sara so . . .

I am not good at the whole entertaining thing. My mom and dad are very good at it and two of my sisters are Martha Stewart's. (Texas and Nicole, come quick!!! And Lynn, even tho I'm sorry to say you are not a M.S. you are a hardworker, come and help me! Quick!) I missed out on the M.S. genes somehow. I kind of get panicked at the idea of even figuring out what we are going to eat so, we just kept it a good, down home, BBQ.

The menu includes:
Hamburgers and hotdogs including buying the "good buns"--not the cheap storebrand that usually gets thrown in the cart. Also, some Boca burgers in case they are vegetarians.

Toppings include extras like real, sliced cheese (not the haphazardly cut off the block cheese that usually suffices, REAL slices), avocados, BBQ sauce, chili, and all the other normal "fixings." Oh, and bacon. Me, being the sort-of vegetarian that I am will have a Boca burger with bacon. (Now you see where the "sorta" comes from!)

Homemade potato salad. I forgot how much more work that is than just picking up a bucket--but it tastes sooo much better. I love the recipe on the back of the Best Foods/Hellman's mayo jar.

Baked Beans--canned on those.


Various chips including Sunchips, a household favorite.

For dessert, strawberry shortcake including homemade angel food cake. I burned it a little. Oh well, that just makes it seem more homemade, right? And it really isn't burned, its just browned.

Oh, and Corona beer with lime and various types of pop. I should have gotten some wine coolers too but oh well!

It's been a CRAZY week with the last week of school and lots of extra daycare kids. Need to go clean that house before they come! Wish me luck!

(Let's see, she still needs to clean her house before the company arrives that she would like to impress and yet she still has time to knock out a blog. That's a serious problem folks.)

But just for the record Lizzy, this was an eleven minute blog! Ha-ha!

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S. said...

Corona and burgers, what more do you need?