Monday, June 18, 2007

Please Pray for Joe

So, Meet The Parents went great. Sara's parents are just great, down-home type people. Her mom is a lot like me and her dad is a lot like Eric so I can see we will have some fun times together! I am the only one out of the bunch that doesn't golf tho--guess I'll have to brush up on those cart-girl skills as I have no intention of re-learning the game of golf until I know I can get out on a regular schedule. At this point in my life, I am lucky to get to the grocery store on a regular basis--or even the bathroom! (Have you ever had to go potty and three hours later you realize you still have to go because you have never taken the time to go? I'm lucky I haven't had a lifetime of bladder infections!)

Today is a tough day. Today Joe starts his stem cell transplant. Last night was actually harder than today. Just knowing it's coming and being worried for him and worried about how much he will suffer. I have heard stories from people who have undergone the same thing. Some say it was simply horrible and some say they really don't remember that much because they were kept very drugged up. I am praying Joe will get lots of drugs!!! He will undergo massive chemo and radiation for the next three days.

I would appreciate any and all prayers from any and all religious/spiritual-belief mindset. I believe in the power of God AND the "higher power thing" in general when it comes to praying.
:-) I am specifically praying Joe will see God in his dreams, feel God's presence all around him and turn toward Him during this process. I am also praying Joe's wife will let God in and let us in during this process.

My mind is full of Joe today but my hands are full of children enjoying the lazy days of summer: water balloon fights, reading stacks of library books, and making ice cream sundaes. These little ones keep me from getting too caught up in the worries of life.

Thank you God.


S. said...

I will pray for Joe. My SIL's brother's fiance is going through something similar now. My thoughts are with your family!

Christina said...

Glad Meet the Parents went well.

I'm praying for Joe - and the rest of you as you support him through this.