Monday, June 11, 2007


Did you know we have a new son? Really, we really, truly do. And I'm starting to have proof.

Saturday I took a sweet baby picture of Vu and framed it, placing it on top of our piano with seven other frames, featuring each of our sweet, smiling babies. When Paul was dusting he came running into the kitchen and said, "Mom, there's a new baby picture on the piano--and I think it's Vu!!!

Sunday, Lizzy and I went shopping. Not only did I go, I enjoyed it! We went shopping for things to put in the package we are putting together for Vu. Now I have this Spiderman bag sitting on my bedroom floor with some goodies packed into it for our little guy. I also put in a pair of Superman p.j.'s so he will have his own pair to match the picture we sent of our whole family wearing them. I still need to find a little baseball cap--hopefully with the emblem of our favorite college team.

Today, I was mailing some church forms which Eric had filled out. On the back of the form it asked the names and ages of our children. Eric had listed all eight--it was so wonderful to see that last little name--Vu.

We really do have a new son. Really!

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