Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Signed, Sealed, Delivered . . . Almost

So, the "baby" was delivered by Fed Ex Monday morning at 9:32. And everything is good to go - except for one document that needs re-certified. I am going to drive back to the Capitol building tomorrow to have that done and then send it off to Holt that afternoon.

Yes, it's crazy. Adoption can do that to a person. I could just do this all by mail, I could even do it just by regular mail and save some money. But you know what? My little guy is depending on me to get him home :-) By doing it this way, we can have our dossier sent to the Vietnamese Embassy on Friday and if that means getting our son home even one day sooner, by golly, I'm going to do it! :-)

We got a BUNCH of new pictures today. They are so precious! Not only do we get to see our little guy growing up over the years, we also get to see the environment he has been raised in. I know he has been so loved and that means so much to me.

We are starting to make a picture album that will be sent to Vu so he can get to know us before we actually come. We are going to put in pictures of each family member and then do a storybook type thing where we will show him all the things our family likes to do together. One picture we will include is a picture of our family, my parents and part of our extended family and we are all wearing matching Superman p.j.s. (This has become a Christmas tradition that we borrowed from my sister,Texas.) Anyway, I am also going to send Vu a pair of Superman p.j.'s so he can have his very own pair and feel like he is a part of this big family already :-) We can send a small box of things so we will also send some other items.

Time to do some shopping!

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