Sunday, June 24, 2007

What is his name?

I spent the last couple of hours reviewing Vietnamese language programs. I did put a couple of items on hold at the library but there are so many options for purchase my mind feels quite boggled right now.

Now, I just feel a sense of panic! How am I going to learn to speak Vietnamese? I stink at learning languages. I scraped by my college requirements by learning sign language, which I learned quite easily actually. I guess I'm a visual learner. Anyhoo, the whole tonal thing of Vietnamese has me worried.

Just look at our son's name--Vu. If we say it with the wrong accent, we are saying "breast." I am terrified of walking around Vietnam calling my son a breast! This is ONE word I am going to have to practice until I get it right!!!

Incidentally, we originally gave everyone the wrong way of saying Vu--"Voh." We have asked several different Vietnamese speaking individuals the proper pronunciation and received two different ways of saying it. But, through the joy of the Internet, we know a mother who has met our son at the orphanage and she told us it is Vu, like it looks, as in rhymes with Lou, as in Lou Gehrig the baseball player. Yes, everything can eventually be tied into baseball around here!

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