Tuesday, July 3, 2007

DISCOVERED! The Key To A Clean House!

I have FINALLY discovered the key to a perfectly clean house! My house looks like it came out of a magazine and it has been that way for three days now! Isn't that amazing???

My secret? Don't have kids or pets!

I have been all alone in my house for the past four days. Never, since I have had children, has this most amazing thing happened. I have been away from my children for a few days when dh and I go on a trip somewhere, but I have never been home alone. I mean, just a few hours alone rarely happens . . . but four days?

Honestly, I didn't know what I wanted to do with this precious time alone. There were so many options, it was a bit mind-boggling. It was unplanned that I would be staying home but Joe is still in the hospital. Eric's mother was celebrating her 80th birthday, which had been planned for a year and included a big family reunion taking place at my parent's cabin, which is our children's favorite place on earth! Anyhoo, after a lot of consideration, we decided Eric would go with all the kids (and the dog), and I would stay home to be near Joe. And actually, our 17 yo stayed home too, so I wasn't truly alone, but this chance to have one-on-one with him and been wonderful too!

The first day I cleaned the house the entire day. Not just cleaning it, but CLEANING it. DEEP! My window sills have never looked so shiny! And now, three days later, my house is still sparkling clean! The family arrives home in three hours, so I'd better just sit and stare a little longer.

I spent time attending my current college class in biology. I thought it would be a fun class, like dissecting frogs but no, it's lots of memory like kingdoms and species and chemistry and evolution. So far, quite boring but also needing time spent studying and memorizing. Yuck!

I spent precious time with Joe at the hospital. His wife is with him 24/7 so he is never, ever alone, which makes me happy. I still worry about him a lot and it was nice to have quiet time alone to think about him and pray for him.

The rest of my time was spent revitalizing my inner and outer self! I gave myself a manicure and pedicure. I shaved BOTH legs in the SAME day AND my pits! How's that for an accomplishment??? I went to Starbuck's and the bookstore. I read most of Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. Well, I read some and listened to a lot on unabridged CD. Lizzy approved this--I am not cheating :-)

Other memories include eating dinners out with Will, and watching movies together--"Big Mama" and "Castaway." It was nice just to be together. I stayed up late, slept in until 8, drank Coke, ate junkfood and vegged-out! I had planned to do some scrapbooking but somehow, that failed to materialize. I guess there's only so many hours in a day--even for slugs.

And now, I am sooo ready for my family to come back. I have missed them! And while I've discovered that the key to a clean house is no kids, I have also discovered it's the key to a lonely, too quiet life. But for a few days? Nice . . . very, very nice.

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