Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Shopping!

I still wake up every morning in amazement that Joe is alive. God must have a very, very special plan for him and we feel so very blessed. Joe actually drove a car yesterday! He hasn't driven in months so this was wonderful!

Now that Joe is home and recovering we are able to focus on Vu's homecoming once again. Even when Joe was at his worst and even when we believed Joe was not going to make it, we never wavered in our desire and our decision to bring Vu home--whatever happened. He is our son. He will come home no matter what! In so many ways he has been our hope and joy during Joe's cancer.

Yesterday I had some fun shopping. As you know, I detest shopping but shopping for Vu is fun! Since I KNEW we were going to adopt a girl I had saved most of Kim's outgrown clothing but I had given away all of Paul and Patrick's. What would I need boy clothes for? LOL!

As it turns out, all three little boys will be similar in size. Patrick is one size smaller than Paul, and Vu, one size smaller than Patrick. This will certainly work nice for hand-me-downs and emergency sharing. They all need new p.j.s so I bought three cute sets featuring firetrucks, footballs and bulldozers. Even tho Vu will be my sixth son, it is still fun to buy boy clothes! I also bought six pairs of jeans which I found on sale. Yeah! Oh, and some new undies too (even tho wearing them apparently can ruin ones' life!)

Next on the shopping agenda was the fabric store. I have made each of my babies a special little baby blanket and I want to do the same for Vu, enlarging the size. All three of my little ones still like cuddling up with their baby blankets.

As I perused the shelves I was originally looking for a flannel that a "big-boy" would like. I mean, Vu will be almost six so I was thinking some bright soccer print. But, as I continued to look, it occurred to me that it would actually be nice to make him the baby blanket I was never able to. The baby blanket he never had. He has never had a chance to be a baby in our family and some of the best advice I am getting is to treat him like a baby when he first comes home--carry him, hold him, sleep with him, hand feed him, baby him. So, I decided on a soft flannel featuring tiny, pastel colored cars and trucks. I'll patchwork it with some soft, light-blue flannel. It's baby-ish but I think Vu will like all the cars and trucks.

Let the preparations continue!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had been with you. I especially love to shop for kids.