Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Whew! The nesting has passed. I did get ALL the kids drawers and closets cleaned out tho; sorting out what was too small, too old, too "I never really liked that shirt anyway," followed by, "What! I paid good money for that!" "Mom, it was three bucks on the clearance rack." "But it had been twenty so I potentially paid a lot of money for that shirt. Someone, somewhere out there did! It's a good shirt!"

Now I have piles all over one bedroom of clothing going to various families/places. There is even a pile of like-new summer clothing to take to the orphanage.

Ah, the orphanage. That was the word that stuck in my head all day yesterday. I've been thinking of my little guy a lot. It seems like forever since we have been waiting to bring him home. Why does paperwork have to take so long? Why does an innocent boy have to wait months and months for simple paperwork? Don't we live in a technological age where paperwork should be processed at lightening fast speed? Especially when a little boy is waiting? Not just waiting, our little guy has been WAITING for almost SIX YEARS for a family! SIX YEARS! And he has lived all six years of his life in an orphanage.

I often wonder what his last thoughts are as he goes to sleep at night. I imagine he wonders if we are ever really going to come for him. I know that if the past months have seemed long to me, they must feel like years to him.

We really are coming Vu. We will be there just as soon as we can. Have sweet dreams of a family that will love you forever and always. We are coming. Really.

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