Saturday, September 29, 2007

Endless Uses Of Febreeze

The party was a blast! Entertaining teenage boys is so easy -- throw out a bunch of food, pop and video games and it's a success! As I was doing some extra cleaning before the party Lizzy looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Do you really think 17 yo boys are going to CARE???" As I was hunched over vacuuming the vent I thought, "She's got a point!" Therein ended the cleaning session!

I'm not sure how many boys were here but I know 12 boys spent the night. I do not say they slept over because there was no sleeping. They had three TVs all hooked up to the new Halo and they were up all night.

There was talk of taking our 15 passenger van out to do some streaking but I told them there would be no streaking in The Beast. First of all, the idea of 12 naked butts on my seats is like, yuck!!! They had to keep things legal and at least wear a jock-strap--and sit on towels! I then informed them that if indeed they did want to do even partial streaking, they probably wanted to go in a vehicle that wasn't quite so noticeable as our gigantic church van! I mean, police tracking a 15 passenger van on a Saturday at midnight is probably a little easier than finding a couple of pick-ups!

After my wealth of advice I promptly went to bed, put in my earplugs and fell into a restless sleep featuring dreams of cops coming to my door asking if that heap of metal in my driveway belonged to me. ("Well, yes officer it does, but someone stole it in the night and it now smells horrible!") And no, I did not ask this morning if any streaking occurred. I do not want to know.

And the next time any of you ride in my van, don't ask why I have a huge bottle of Febreeze in my van. You just never know. You never know.

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