Monday, September 17, 2007

Waiting For Departure

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Here is Vu, sitting on a bench just waiting for us to come and get him!

We received our update on Vu. We only receive these every three months so it is a very exciting day! We are told he likes to have a snack of cookies, candy and yogurt. (A boy after my own heart FOR SURE!) He is learning to say some English words including "mom" and "dad." That made me smile :-) He is doing well in school and gets along well with his peers. And here is the best part:

Under the "Permanency Plan" of the report it says he has been matched to our family and THEN it says words that made me cry: HE IS WAITING FOR DEPARTURE.

Any day, we are expecting our DOJ approval (Vietnamese Department of Justice). After that, we will hopefully travel in about seven weeks.

Come on paperwork! We have a son who is WAITING FOR DEPARTURE. And so are we.

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Christina said...

oh my gosh does that bring me back... I remember seeing that on Zeeb's report and being just plain ticked because HELLO we were more than ready and yet there we sat, waiting on the province forever and a day... but then it happened! And Zeeb was ready, but he was also very happy with his foster family, so it wasn't like he was anxiously waiting the way I was! I hope you get that approval and can be on the way to Vu very soon!