Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Airline Tickets and Visas

Did everyone get the memo? WE'RE GOING TO VIETNAM! :-) It still seems unreal.

Yesterday I packed Vu's bag--that was FUN!

I also had Vu's visa paperwork (I-171) cabled from our state USCIS office to the National Visa Center which will cable it to the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam. I thought this would be complicated but it was easy.

Our own visa paperwork and passports were safely delivered to the Vietnam Embassy in D.C. at 8:54 am -- Fed EX is a wonderful thing! Now if they will just be processed and come back safe and sound. You will hear a big sigh of relief when that happens as I included a Fed Ex pre-paid return envelope and later discovered they now only accept pre-paid USPS envelopes. Hoping it all works out!

Tickets are officially purchased. I HIGHLY recommend Azumano Travel. They are awesome. We used them with our last adoption and love them. 1-800-888-7025. Ask for Erle. I get paid $50 for every referral. Just say you heard about them from that crazy lady with all the kids. HA! Not really. That was a joke. Since I quit doing daycare my only source of income is my handsome, bald, wonderful husband. We have this great arrangement. He fills the ATM, I empty it. How cool is that?

In reality, I just really appreciate awesome service from a company that supports adoption and wanted to put in a plug for them. They find amazing rates too. I wouldn't normally say how much we spent but since this is predominantly an adoption blog and people preparing to sell their right arm want to know--we got four round-trip tickets plus Vu's return ticket for 5k--not bad considering it was on less than two weeks notice. It would have only been 4K had I not insisted we needed to have a day in Seoul, Korea, to see Kim's and Paul's foster families and to give Kim a whirlwind tour of Korea. (Let's see, a 12-hour lay-over for a thousand bucks! What a deal! I love you handsome, bald, wonderful husband!)

If you fly Korean Air you can get FF miles as a family--they will combine all miles. We already have 2 free domestic tickets coming which just goes to show what flying four people 18,000 miles can do for you!

On the agenda for today is to rearrange the boys room and put up the new bunkbed. I also have a million phone calls and errands to run.

Nine days people! Nine days!

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