Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Children

Dear Children,

In case you haven't heard, Mommy still has 42,000 things to do before heading to Vietnam in EIGHT days!

If you would be so kind as to:

Stop putting clothes down the laundry shute--particularly clothes that are clean or WORSE, clothing that is STILL folded!

Stop going to the bathroom--particularly Patrick who put an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper into the toilet while I was at the store buying yet more Immodium (never know if we will have enough in Vietnam) and William was babysitting. And Will, if you clean it up next time instead of just texting a picture of it to all your friends, that would be great!

Stop eating from the time you get up until the time you go to bed and every single second in between.

Stop making messes. We have a big surprise party here tomorrow and I'd like to dig out the house for it.

Dear Children, in case you haven't noticed, Mommy is just a wee bit tired from staying up late the last several nights including a 1 am bedtime this morning to finally fulfill my promise to Will of watching "300" which was the bloodiest movie I have ever seen in my life but was still good--at least the part I watched through covered eyes. And Will, I am sorry to say I still refuse to name Vu "Leonitis."

Mommy is also extra tired because everyone got up at 6 am even though there was no school today. Can you please explain to me why you cannot wake up at 6 am ON school days?

Darling children, if you could be so kind to do all of the above, Mommy would be most grateful.

As you can tell by this letter, Mommy loves you all very much.

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