Sunday, October 28, 2007

From Eric

Greetings to all! This is my first attempt at blogging (Ann finally drug me into the abyss). We are in Saigon and having a great time. Yesterday was a wonderful experience as we took advantage of a long layover in Seoul to take Kim to Holt and meet her foster Mom. Though a little nervous at first, she warmed up and we had a wonderful visit.

We arrived in Saigon last night (I know Ho Chi Minh City - but everyone calls it Saigon, so I'm going with the shorter route!). After a good nights rest (we were exhausted), we got up and ventured into the market scene today. I think Ann owes me for going shopping not once, but twice today in the markets with her, Elizabeth & Kim. Though overwhelming at first, you adapt and get used to the hustle of the scenes taking place.

I am amazed in watching the economic evolution of a country before our eyes. It is interesting seeing the changes in Seoul the past 12 years as they have grown a strong economy. Tourism is definitely a huge industry for Vietnam and hopefully will continue to help heal the challenges of the past. I'm also happy that we can have some of our children experience the unique culture of Vietnam (Korea to a very small degree) and both appreciate the special traditions/customs and also to be thankful for the life they have. It also reinforces that many things we just can't live "without" are really not necessary for us to be truly happy.

The bravest moment of our first day here was crossing the street for the first time. If you haven't been to Vietnam, just realize that lane markings in the street and sidewalks appear to be just general guidelines and you need to pay attention on the sidewalk just as much as crossing the street as a scooter just might be taking a short cut. I'll leave most of the blogging to our family expert (Ann) from here on out. Eric

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Jean A said...

That was very interesting reading about going out shopping in Siagon. Was wondering what it would be like there now a days. You are a good blogger, Eric. Do some more! I don't blog myself cause I didn't understand what it was but I think I am getting an idea now that I have seen your blogging site.