Sunday, October 28, 2007

from Kim

how are you guys doing?I'm doing good.What am i missing.How Is the weather there?The weather here is humidity.I feel kinda bad for this state because there's alot of poor people. Also theres babies that don't have homes.

The markets have alot to buy. Also my mom bought these snakes that scare me. They're not real. They have jewelry. They also scare me because they have people that walk around that have stuff to buy and if you say no thank you or not today they keep asking or following you, and thats why they scare me.

I hope you guys don't miss me too much. Hope you guys have fun for the next two weeks.

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Katie said...

Dear Kim,

I miss you so much!!! At the Halloween party I will save some candy for you.I am not going to have much fun at the Dance/video game party, since we only need 1 more token.You are so lucky that you don't have homework for a while.When exactly are you coming home?How long was the plane ride?The wether here is very cold in the morning but does get alot warmer towards the afternoon.Can't wait for you to come back!!!!!!!!

- Katie