Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get Set . . .


My emotions run the gamut each day from panic at all that still needs done to nonchalance that what I can get done, I will, and what I can't will just . . . well, not get done!!!

I also yo-yo between being incredibly excited to finally meet our son and feeling sad for all he will have to endure in the coming weeks (months, years) as he comes to terms with leaving everything and everyone he has ever known and loved.

I made two photo albums with the help of my wonderful friend Lisa. They each have pictures of Vu from the time he was a tiny baby until now. One album is for Vu's favorite caretaker, a woman who has cared for him since he first came to the orphanage as a 4 pound preemie. The other album is for the orphanage director.

Under each photo I thank them for each milestone they have helped Vu accomplish, from learning to walk to learning to read. At the end, I thank them for loving Vu, promise to give him a loving life and promise to someday bring him back to his beautiful homeland to visit. One of Lizzy's friends is translating all the English into Vietnamese.

Today I have already been to the orthodontist, have a visit to the grief counselor, Lizzy's last soccer game and stop off at the bank and post office. In between all that I'm going to pack, clean, pack and clean. Oh, and type medical releases for the kids at home and a power of attorney. Oh and . . . the list goes on.

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Christina said...

Those albumns are such a great idea. I remember that excited-but-panicked feeling very well! Either way, you're getting on a plane in 2 days!! Can't wait to read all about it. :)