Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My new brother

From Kim

Today is Wedsday for me.My brother Vu is very fun to play with.He is also very intrested in alot of stuff like computers, video games, tv's, sun glasses, and baths.

His life wasn't very fun from my point of veiw is;his country is poor and he didn't have any video games when he was little. Alot of people beg you to buy stuff because they're poorand they don't have any other job. Sometimes they have garbage in the street. But the good thing about this country is that they have pretty things to buy and the people are very nice.

Vu has a very loud vocie and loves attention.We had to fly on a air plane and this was his first time riding on the air plane.On the air plane he looked out the widow an saw we where off the ground and he was really surprised.

I love my new brother and he is fun. Well see you guys latter.

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