Friday, October 26, 2007


Back at the airport after a MOST wonderful day!

It was very emotional to see Kim's foster mother. She remembered Kim very well even though she has fostered over 100 babies! She has been fostering for 20 years. What an amazing woman. We could see once again how very much she loves Kim. She had another baby with her who is soon to go to The States with her forever family. This little girl also had a cleft lip. I couldn't help but see the circle of life when we snapped a picture of Kim, her foster mother and the new little baby.

Another wonderful woman was Mrs. Lee. She works for Holt and arranged the meeting. She then insisted on taking us on a short tour of Seoul, to do some shopping and for ice cream. Kim hit it right when she later said that Mrs. Lee treated her like her own daughter. It was so true. A delight to spend time with her.

Korea has changed a lot in the past ten years. It is even more modern and beautiful than before. We see lots of foreigners--ten years ago we could go all day and not see another Caucasian in the crowd, now there are people from all around the globe. Koreans have to be the most beautiful people in the world. As a people watcher, I just love watching the crowds here. The women dress beatifully and the men look so distinguised.

It will soon be time to step on the plane to Vietnam. I can't believe we are finally going. It all still seems like a dream that we are finally, after all this time, going to bring Vu home. I can't wait to see our sweet Vu.

More later!

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