Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're in Hanoi

We flew to Hanoi. What a different city and beautiful in a physical way. I could go on about Hanoi but I know what you really want to hear is about Vu!

He is doing wonderfully! He LOVES being LOVED! He is affectionate and sweet and a little tease full of boy energy. He is also VERY smart! He loves everything new and exciting; especially eating and he eats with gusto at every meal to the point he will fill his mouth but have no more room in his tummy. When we went to the breakfast buffet this morning he especially wanted fruit and bacon. He knows what strawberry milk is and went right for it in the store. He can use chopsticks and a fork equally well.

He was a kick in the pants in the bathtub last night literally trying to swim in the tub. I brought some bathtub crayons and he squealed with delight using them.

Before leaving HCMC we went to the market and bought Vu an au dai. He thought he was quite the king trying it on and then insisted on carrying the bag. I will post a picture soon.

Each new toy is exciting to him. His favorites today are playdough and Legos. He knows how the use the Legos--it's obvious he has used them before. He also loved the TV remote and Eric informed him that belonged to Ba. May as well learn that now Vu :-)

Right now he is having a wrestling match with Daddy AND the girls.

Our new hotel is more like an apartment and really nice. Hotels are very inexpensive in VN. We thought Vu might think this is our house so we had the hotel explain that we will fly to our actual house in a few days.

More later, I have a little boy to go play with :-)


Gretchen said...

What fun! I can imagine he enjoyed the tub crayons- being allowed to draw on the wall- fantastic!! And that's a great idea to explain that this isn't his home- just a hotel. I'm so glad to hear how he is enjoying his family- what great news! And I guess the au dais are for boys, too- can't wait to get one! have fun in Hanoi!!

Anonymous said...

"He loves being loved." What an amazing statement!! Sounds like all of you are loving the chance to love on Vu, too! : )
Sheri, David, Micah & Noah-in VN (Holt BB)