Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Xin Chau! Good Morning!

Happy Halloween! It is actually the day after here but I know my little boys are just getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating. I wish we were home as I know Vu would be THRILLED with any type of celebration.

We just had breakfast and in typical Vu fashion he wanted some of everything. He especially liked eggs and yogurt. He also insisted on taking a couple of the jelly packets. He is excited about food because it is all so new and there is so much but he has been well fed. He is exactly the size I thought he would be--about one size smaller than Patrick. He is built much like Patrick and Paul--slender but healthy.

He has not yet cried although when he first wakes up he looks a little lost and scared and I wonder what is going through his little head. He slept between the girls last night and had a hand on each of them. I went to check on him several times in the night and he had his feet on Kim and his head snuggled up to Lizzy. He is very attached to us all. Last night Eric and I went down to the market to pick up some bread and milk and when we returned he ran to the girls as if it had been months since he had seen them. Sometimes he will look up from playing and just run into my arms.

This little ball of energy and love so amazes me. He brings so much life everywhere he goes. I feel like we prepared for the worst in terms of how he would adapt and things have gone better than I could have ever imagined. I know he will eventually begin to grieve those he has left but at least I know he will let us comfort him through it.

I can't help but feel like we have discovered buried treasure. A little boy who has already added so much to our lives and will no doubt change the world. At the same time, I also cannot help but think about those at the orphanage who have lost such an amazing bundle of energy and laughter. The orphanage is a much quieter place today, missing the laughter of a little boy who fulfills what all our reports said about him, "he laughs much." Please keep all those people in your prayers. We know they rejoice that Vu has a family but the sense of loss is no doubt devastating. Once you meet Vu you will especially understand.

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Anonymous said...

Your descriptions of your daily activities are so fun to read!! And, the story of Vu sleeping & keeping a touch of his sisters is SO precious!! What an amazing gift you have all been given...the love of a family is incredible, isn't it??

Sheri, David, Micah & Noah-in VN (HoltBB)