Thursday, November 1, 2007

The computer is being slow and we are having trouble loading pictures--hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Today was another great day even though it was rainy and cool here. APs--bring pants and jackets.

Our Holt representative met us here at the hotel to make sure we had all our paperwork in order for the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy office. One of the best bits of advice I received in terms of organizing paperwork was to get an accordion folder and label each item. It is easy to pull out and find items easily. I did this with our original application, then with our Dossier and again with our visa paperwork. It works!

All our paperwork was in order and our Holt worker later met us at the Embassy building, which was actually the Consulate just down the street. Our actual interview was fast and easy, just a couple of questions. I have heard that Holt has such a good reputation in the country that the interview is always quick and easy. They know Holt is one of the most ethical agencies out there.

Vu was great while we waited at the office. He enjoyed stickers and drawing while waiting.

After that we went to see all the Uncle Ho buildings. Ho Chi Minh is a big hero here. It was very interesting to see the museum, memorial and palace.

Dinner was at Hua Sua, a cooking school for disadvantaged youth. It was very good food for a great price. If you are heading to Hanoi soon the address is 28a Ha Hoi St.

Vu talks all the time, mostly in VN but he is also picking up English quickly. We discovered he can count to 10 in English and he was playing with playdough, made it into the shape of a birthday cake and then sang "Happy Birthday" in English.

While Vu learns English, we are learning more and more Vietnamese. Sometimes Vu will laugh at our interpretations of our dictionary. I wonder what exactly we are saying sometimes as changing the tone of a word changes the meaning.

Vu came to us with a backpack which included a DVD of what is apparently one of his favorite TV shows--Power Rangers. It is hysterical to watch the intro as he does all the karate moves the Rangers do and he sings the intro. He knows he is cute and shows off for us.

Missing my little and big guys at home and hoping Vu's visa gets done quickly.

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