Saturday, November 3, 2007

first day alone

Vu is having a much better day today--back to his happy self! He did cry terribly when the taxi pulled away last night with Eric and Lizzy in it. That was heartbreaking. If I had it to do over again, I would not have done it this way. I think, esp. for an older child, it is too hard to let them start to attach and then give them another loss they don't understand--even if it is temporary.

Someone asked about how bringing our older daughters has been and that was the best decision we made. They helped Vu feel comfortable immediately and have helped him bond so much. For anyone who is adopting a child over the age of one, if you have an older child, I would highly recommend bringing them. It is also great for our older kids to see a different part of the world and I know they will forever look at the world in a different way and feel lucky to live in America.

Vu found the balloons I brought this am and he has been in heaven. He is one smart boy and figured out how to blow them up quickly.


The Coys said...

Heartbreaking. Just think of how happy he will be when you get home and meet the rest of the family. Oh boy will he be thrilled.

Based on your experience with bringing the girls, we are considering bringing James with us to Ethiopia. Hmmm... I just donm't want to regret it if we don't. Plus it would allow us to do more travel, such as a Safari.

Love the updates. Hope you find enough activities to pass these next few days smoothly, or are you just trying to make it a more calm environment for Vu?

Kelli said...

we will be there with you guys in a few days!! so glad to hear vu is still doing well!! we met jude today!! it went perfect. we are excited to come back to hanoi. we haven't really left the hotel here in danang, except to go to the orphanage. what room number are you in?

Anne said...

SO glad to hear Vu is back to his happy self. I can't imagine how excited he will be to meet ALL his other siblings!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Vu is grieving & is loving his new, forever family!! What a happy homecoming it will be when you get to have your kiddos together. Vu will have such fun, I'm sure!

Sheri, David, Micah & Noah-in VN (Holt BB)