Friday, November 2, 2007

A Hard Day

Vu is really confused right now as we have all our suitcases packed up because we thought we could change our room this am but now we have to wait. I know he wonders why we have all the bags packed up and he knows Daddy and Lizzy are going home today so it's just very confusing all in all.

Vu wants us to all go everywhere together. Lizzy and I tried to go downstairs without the others and Vu had a complete meltdown. We asked him to come but he was torn between the various family members. I think this is going to be very hard on him to see Eric and Lizzy leave now that he is so attached.

Later, Eric and I went downstairs with him and he had another meltdown acting like he was terrified. If I had to guess what he was thinking it was that we were taking him back to the orphanage. We will have the front desk do more translating for us when we go back down. He was too upset to even listen before. When we brought him back to the room he ran inside and gave both sisters a relieved hug.

I just wonder what goes through his little head sometimes. I can usually tell what he is saying or what he is wanting just from being around kids so many years and with the little bit of Vn we have learned but this is different. I also think the busyness of the past few days is catching up and he is very tired and cranky today.

On another subject, Will lost his game on the last play of the game in what sounds like a bad call by the referee. What a heartbreaker. They needed to win to go to state. I read that most of the team and fans were crying. I hate feeling so far away from my family, esp. when they need mom to give them a hug. I love you Will! I am so sorry your season had to end this way!

Sounds like it's just a sad day all the way around.

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