Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Hotel

Kelli, you asked about our hotel so here is some info:

The hotel is very, very nice. The rooms are huge and I feel like I am in a house. We downsize to a one bedroom tonight since Eric and Lizzy are now leaving. We have a HUGE deck off our room overlooking the lake. There is a big swimming pool and smaller baby pool but it has been too cold to swim. There is also a workout room and a nice little playroom but, unfortunately it has some type of mold problem going on and the smell of mold makes it very uncomfortable to be in.

For breakfast, there is a buffet and they will also cook eggs if you ask. The cost is $6.50 and children are free. I think they also make food other times in the day but we have never eaten there and I haven't seen anyone else eating there during the day but maybe I am just not walking by at the right time.

The hardest part about being out here is it is about a 15 minute drive to downtown and most of the siteseeing you might like. The taxi fare should be about 60,000 dong tho we paid twice that last night so probably smart to ask before getting in.

The front desk has been very helpful and have helped us translate for Vu a couple of times.

Can't wait to meet you and see your precious Jude!

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