Friday, November 2, 2007

A scared little boy that discovered kung dow

Today was a very busy day! We had to be at the SOS clinic this morning at nine. This was for Vu's physical so he can get his visa to enter the U.S.

We got there just a few minutes early and I started to fill out the paperwork they gave me and then our Holt worker (Truong) came and he already had all the paperwork filled out! It was great having everything organized and easy. He had also contacted the orphanage where Vu is from, just as we had asked, and told them how well Vu is doing. He said they were very happy and relieved to know he is doing so well.

I could tell Vu was wondering what was going on and I didn't want him to be scared/surprised about getting a physical so I had Trung explain it to Vu. Vu was very scared! He started to whine and when they called us he cowered in the corner and started to cry and didn't want to go in. I started to cry too as it was so hard to see his fear; Eric picked him up and we all reassured him by saying "Kung Suh" and "Kung Dow" our baby language of don't be scared and it won't hurt. Truong also reassured him. The physical went fine and he was declared a very healthy boy. He does have some cavities in his back teeth. The doctor did not think he had scabies but I treated him the first night as I wasn't sure--guess his bug bites got really zapped! When he was all done he was very excited and told us, "Kung dow! Kung dow!" And so we continue this parenting adventure in helping him to trust us. I will not be able to tell him "kung dow" when we get to the U.S. as he will need blood work. That should be fun--not!

We spent the rest of the day walking around the lake, shopping, going to the big indoor market, and eating in the restaurant of The Somerset Grand. It was really nice to eat somewhere clean and American. The kids even had chicken nuggets and french fries. Vu knew all about dipping them in ketchup too!

After that we headed to the puppet theater. It is a tourist attraction worth the visit with live singing, musical instruments and of course, water puppets. It was worth the money just to see Vu's excitement and reaction! He especially loved the lions at the end and the smoke coming out of the water.

After a taxi ride back to our hotel which included a tour of the city we had not anticipated and the high fare to go with it (Eric was NOT happy about that) we are now back at our hotel and Vu is watching his Power Ranger movie and Eric is packing up as he and Lizzy go home tomorrow. It is going to be so hard for Vu to understand where they are going and why. We have had two different people explain to him that this would be happening and we will explain it again tomorrow. Hopefully, those explanations will help. It is going to be a long ten days without them; I am still hoping things will go faster with the visa but with the new I-600 changes that probably will not happen. We were one of the last families able to travel under the old rules.

More later . . . one last thing tho. Vu says "Mommy" so cute. He says it with a British accent and like a question--"Mummy?". It's the sweetest thing you have ever heard and music to this Mummy's ears.

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Anne said...

I'm with Vu! So I was VERY happy to discover the following article:

Maybe that will help when he has to see the doctor once you all get home! I was surprised how well it worked for the little girl in the article...