Friday, November 2, 2007

Too Cold To Swim

Today we are all feeling a little morose knowing Eric and Lizzy have to leave and it will most likely be ten days before we can follow. It is still chilly and overcast here--too cold to use the pool tho we did make fools of ourselves one day and attempt it. I think we gave the hotel staff quite the laugh watching us. Even the kids thought it was too cold. Vu thought it was a big bathtub and started to strip off his shorts! As much as the VN think kids need to keep covered in the cold, they probably thought we were horrible parents!

We finally got the cell phone to work and called home. Patrick was home with Grandma so we got to talk to them both. Paul was spending the night. Everyone seems to be doing well and it was great to hear their voices. Will has a big football game tonight--wish we could be there to watch. It's been a great experience to be here but I think we are reaching the point where we have been there, done that, and ready to go home.

Vu continues to do well. He is opening up a little more and being more active and testing the boundaries a little more. I expected that so it's no surprise. I also see some behavior I would expect from a child growing up in an orphanage, for instance, he doesn't seem to realize all the dangers around--like the street and the stove. In many ways, we will have to teach him these things as if he were a baby. Still no grief and at this point, I will be happy to see some as grief is a good sign for future attachment. If we don't see any it won't worry me too much, I will just know we have to be especially vigilant in making attachment happen. I think he is having so much fun right now he still thinks he's in Disneyland and doesn't yet realize that he will truly be leaving those he loves behind.

More later--this is the last day I have a computer as Eric will take ours home tho I can use the one in the hotel lobby. I will have two kids alone tho so don't know how much blogging will happen.


Nicole said...

I had wondered if you were at all concerned about attachment yet. As in, he's seeming to go to anyone. But you seem to have it in the back of your mind, as I knew you would. You're probably so right about Vu still being entranced by everything new around him. Interesting about the lack of sense of danger. I never thought about that.

Lee says there's a beach there that is very picturesque. How Long Bay? Haha. That's phonetically spelled. That's how he told me but didn't know how to spell it. Anyhow, may be worth checking out if you get bored of the hotel.

Miss you and can't wait to see more pics as the other two return home and can hopefully post some. How fantastic the Internet is sometimes.

Kelli said...

hi!! we are in danang! we finally arrived, after 3 days of traveling. we are supposed to me jude tomorrow and have our G&R on monday and fly into hanoi on tuesday! how is the hotel??